Since 1976, the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra has been committed to providing young musicians with the finest possible orchestral training and bringing live symphonic music to audiences around Nova Scotia. Our success over the last forty years has, in large measure, been made possible by the financial support of individuals, corporations and organizations who share our vision.

A common misconception is that youth orchestra’s costs are covered almost completely through student tuition fees and government funding. In reality, tuition and government grants make up only about a third. The majority is made up by donations and fundraising.

NSYO Annual Revenue



These are some of the ways you can help the NSYO:

  • Make a cash donation through the NSYO office by calling 902.421.1300 to arrange a meeting.
  • Make a bequest. Your estate will receive a donation receipt for the value of the gift.
  • Name the NSYO / NSYO Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • Donate publicly traded securities. Excellent tax benefits are available if you transfer ownership of securities to the NSYO.
  • Donate gifts in kind, such as real estate, artworks and jewellery, and receive a donation receipt for their fair market value.
  • Gift your RRSP or RRIF tax-free.
  • Provide a Charitable Gift Annuity – ideal for people over 70 – to allow you to give a substantial gift to the NSYO and receive periodic income payments in return.

There are a number of significant tax incentives available to donors and it is recommended that you discuss making any significant gift with your legal and financial advisors to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit possible.

Contact the NSYO office for more information.

5657 Spring Garden Road (Park Lane Mall)
Suite 301, Halifax, Nova Scotia


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